Allergens recall database

The iFAAM Allergens Recall Database has been constructed based on publicly available information about food allergen recalls. For more information about the data sources and structure, CLICK HERE.

There are over 2000 entries that cover a four-year period (2011-2014). Each entry has been categorised into food type (two classifications), allergen identified and cause (where provided).

The most frequent occurrence of undeclared allergens occurred in prepared dishes and snacks (12-53% of alerts), and cereals and bakery products (14-25% of alerts). Similarly, the most commonly undeclared allergen was milk and milk products (16-31%) followed by cereals containing gluten (9-19%), soy (5-45%) and egg and egg products (5-17%). Although 42-90% of products with recalls were explained as ‘not indicated on the label this generic explanation offers little insight into the causes. However, up to 17% of recalls were caused cross contamination during production.

The database provides important information, especially for authorities, about the ways in which recalls are reported; these are explored further in a related publication.

Allergens recall database

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